Other TTRPG Resources

As delighted as I would be to be able to take on every project that comes my way, there are only so many hours in the day, and to that end, I have compiled a listing below of some other incredibly talented individuals that you can contact to help you with your projects.

Adam Hancock (he/him)

Adam Hancock is a game tinkerer and publishes under the moniker Gnome Made Games when he doesn’t use his own name. You can find his work on the Dungeon Masters Guild and DriveThru RPG. Gameplay expansions, NPCs, and collaborations with up-and-comers are his specialties. He is one of three designers responsible for creating Those Who Wander, a complete 5e-style ttRPG.


  • ttRPG writing and game design
  • proofreading and copy editing


Email: adam.michael.hancock@gmail.com
Twitter: @AdamMakesTTRPG
Website: adam-hancock.carrd.co

Andrew Bishkinskyi (he/him)

I’m a TTRPG writer/designer based in Toronto, but originally from Moscow. My main area of expertise and experience is adventure writing, however, I’ve made nearly every type of content for 5th edition D&D. Many of my products are published on DMsGuild, and I have contributed to as well as led successful crowdfunded products. I’ve done freelance work for Wizards of the Coast, and many independent publishers.    I love creating memorable stories and characters that continue to resonate with players long after the game is done. 


  • 5e Writing and Design.
  • Short notice/quick turnaround 5e adventure writing.
  • Adventure design consulting and developmental editing on adventures.
  • Available as a guest game master or panelist (Adventure Design, Freelancing Experience, D&D Adventurers League) at special events and conventions.


Email: abishkin@gmail.com
Twitter: @jaysNdragons
Website: toweringtales.carrd.co

Cameron Day (he/him)

Hey there! I am Cameron Day, also known as Daylight Publications. You can find my work over on the Dungeon Masters Guild, and my name in a couple titles over on DriveThruRPG.
​ I am a New Hampshire mountain boy through and through, and I aim to keep several things key in all my projects: Historical Inspiration, Comedic Value, High-Faluutin’ Action, and finally – Roleplay First, Mechanics Second.​
I am here to provide epic, exciting, and cinematic content – not meticulously balanced works that suck the fun out of things. So, enjoy!


  • Publishing your books and supplements to take the hassle out of trying to figure out the ropes.
  • Consulting and offering advice on how to best get your work out there or how to best network.
  • Narrative editing on projects.


Email: daylightpublications@gmail.com
Twitter: @daylightpub1066
Website: www.daylightpublications.com

Jon Connor Self (he/they)

Founder and President of D8 Summit Charities Incorporated (501c3), Connor is a vocal proponent for positivity, mental health, love, and inclusivity in gaming spaces. He has 30+ content creation titles under his belt, many for D&D Adventurers League but recently wider D&D titles such as The Red City and in an upcoming article about dark fey for Arcadia Magazine. Connor is also a top-rated Professional Dungeon Master on Start Playing Games, where his campaign offerings are highly sought (and often sold out). Connor is a subject matter expert on psychology, diversity, and folk tales. This fluency blends with his desire to foster healing and hope, merging into a “hope punk” style of rebellious storycrafting where heroes can make fictional worlds better in seemingly insignificant yet deeply profound ways.


  • Writing and design work
  • Sensitvity reading
  • Adding charity components to your events
  • Queer and Mental health TTRPG consultant


Email: jonconnorself@gmail.com
Twitter: @thehealerDM
Website: thehealerdm.carrd.com

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