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Ginny Loveday is a staple in the TTRPG community, especially in the event planning and publishing circles! Her start in community organization and game design both came from volunteering and jumping in where she saw needs, and now it’s her full time gig! An amazing success story from a person who deserves her success and recognition.

With the wrap up of published Ravenloft: Mist Hunters series of adventures, we’re chatting with our final designers to learn more about their writing process, their experiences working in the Domains of Dread, and more! Today we have the privilege of hearing from Jeremy Forbing and Ginny Loveday. They are the designer of the final epic in the Mist Hunters series, RMH-EP-02 A Darklord’s Denouement.

Assault on Ice Island || Killers of the King
Live Play with Zipperon Disney: After the fall of the Gnostic cult and the restoration of the Queen, expert bounty hunters track down the regicides and bring them to justice.

The Cocked Die – S2E22 Ginny Loveday
Today I’m talking with game designer Ginny Loveday! In the news we’re talking about the next two D&D books The Wild Beyond the Witchlight and Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos! And it’s not too late to get your contribution in to win a seat for the next episode of #QuestfortheCure!

Animal Adventures: Faraway Sea
Contributors for Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons will collaborate together on the upcoming RPG setting Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea produced by Steamforged Games.

Startplaying.Games GM Spotlight Interviews
We spoke with Ginny Loveday, one of our professional Game Masters about TRPGs and more!

Episode 212: the teriffic two hundred and twelfth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Tonight we have a special guest! The delightful Ginny Loveday joins us to share her love of D&D and all things nerdy! She does so many awesome things!

Snyder’s Return: Interview – Ginny Loveday – DMs Guild Content Creator
Today I talk with the D&D Designer, Editor, Tyche’s/DMs Guild Content Creator and Twitch’s Designer’s Den Host, Ginny Loveday. We discuss the Dungeons & Dragons Game System, Supplement Creation, Hard work, Twitch Streaming and Conventions.

Appendix N Book Club
Episode 90 – Fletcher Pratt’s “Invaders from Rigel”
Ginny Loveday joins us to discuss Fletcher Pratt’s “Invaders from Rigel”, small books with even smaller fonts, colonialism, space travellers who don’t understand combustibles, goofily over-capable heroes, interesting adversaries, home play vs organized play, overly replying on combat to handle challenges, separating the art from the artist, and much more!

Nerdarchy Live Chat with Nerdarchist Dave
DMS Guild Creator Ginny Loveday on the Daily Live Chat Revivified #103
Ginny stops by to talk about gaming, D&D, and other nerdy stuff.

Dungeon Master’s Guild House with Matthew Whitby
Dungeon Master’s Guild House: Ep. 17 Ginny Loveday

The start of a new year brings a new class of Dungeon Masters Guild Adepts! Since 2017, the Dungeon Masters Guild Adepts have released 54 best-selling titles, including Waterdeep: City Encounters and Tactical Maps: Adventure Atlas. These adventures and supplements are amongst the Guild’s top-rated products and demonstrate the success of the program.

She-Ra: Progressive of Power Podcast
This week, RPG author/convention organizer Ginny Loveday joins us for a discussion of parties, deception, and a very mean Catra. It’s “Flutterina” time!

Behold Her Podcast
In Episode 6 of Behold Her, host and producer Lysa Penrose talks to MORE women on the Dungeons & Dragons team about what it’s like working at Wizards of the Coast and how the team has changed since 3rd edition. Guests include Dragon Talk host Shelly Mazzanoble, Senior Art Director Kate Irwin, and Head of Licensing and Publishing Liz Schuh. The episode ends with an audio essay by Guild Adept Ginny Loveday about how leadership in the D&D Adventurers League community has changed her life.

This D&D Anthology Provides Many Adventures That Only Take an Hour
If you’re looking for some short adventures to send your Dungeons & Dragons party on, you may want to take a look at Tactical Maps: Adventure Atlas from M.T. Black, Will Doyle, James Haeck, James Introcaso, Rich Lescouflair, Ginny Loveday, Shawn Merwin, Cindy Moore, and Ashley Warren.

The Tome Show: Sexual Harassment and the Gaming Community (Tome 295)
In this episode Jeff Greiner sits down with Ginny Loveday and Paige Leitman to discuss sexual harassment and the gaming community. Does it still happen? What can you do if you witness harassment at a gaming event, convention, or home game? What can we do to make sure the people in our lives feel safe while gaming? Learn the answers to these questions and more!

Tabletop Babble 033: The Forgotten Realms
James Introcaso chats with Max from Reading the Realms, Jeff Greiner from the Tome Show, and Ginny Loveday about the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons.

The Round Table: Stream of Annihilation Round Up (Round Table 155)
Welcome the Round Table’s round up of the Wizards of the Coast Stream of Annihilation. We sit at the Round Table with friend of the show Ginny Loveday and first-time guest Katie to get their thoughts on the info we learned from the stream and on live streaming of D&D in general. Hope you enjoy!

The Round Table: Round Table 151 – Adventurers League Updates!
James Introcaso and Topher Kohan sit down with Ginny Loveday and Adventurers League Admins Robert Adducci, Alan Patrick, and Greg Marks to discuss the latest announcements from the D&D Adventurers League. This podcast was recorded on December 13, 2016.

Round Table 149 – Unearthed Arcana Classes and Hypercorp 2099: Wasteland
JI sit down with Alex BassoGinny Loveday, and Round Table newbie Gregg Lauer to talk about the bard, cleric, and druid Unearthed Arcana articles. Then it’s an interview with game designer Mike Myler about his ongoing Kickstarter for Hypercorps 2099: Wastleland. This podcast was recorded on November 30 and December 1, 2016.

Round Table 122 – D&D Melts Down
James Introcaso sits down with Liz TheisPatrick DennisSam Dillon, and Round Table newbie Ginny Loveday to talk about all of the awesome announcements coming out of the D&D Live from Meltdown event. They discuss Storm King’s ThunderVolo’s Guide to MonstersNeverwinterAssault of the GiantsFantasy Grounds, and Force Grey: Giant Hunters. This podcast was recorded on June 4, 2016.

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