About Me

Host of the Designer’s Den on Twitch and Co-Host for the D&D Round Table podcast, Bestselling D&D designer/editor and Guild Adept for the DMsGuild, Social Media and Community for Baldman Games, RPG Director for MomoCon, Organizer for Maydays Tenday Online Charity Convention, Save vs Hunger, and D8 Summit charity conventions.

Hailing from Tennessee,  I moved to Chicago in 2018, then onward to Michigan, managing to survive in the frigid northlands. I’ve always loved fantasy and naturally fell into gaming and conventions as I got older and then accidentally started community organizing and now here we are. If you want to hear me ramble further about my backstory, check out the first episode Paige and I recorded for the Round Table.

A lot of the work I do for gaming supports charity, and it makes me so happy to be able to do what I love and make so much of an impact in my community.

Adventure Writing

I’ve done work for D&D 5e for companies such as Renegade Games, Steamforged Games, and Wizards of the Coast. This work includes official D&D Adventurer’s League seasonal adventures and interactive epic adventures. I also have numerous products on the DM’s Guild and was part of the Guild Adepts team working to produce content alongside official D&D books.

Story Development & Editing

I have a number of credits for story development for 5e Community Created Content including the CCC-SKULL trilogy and many other CCC adventures. I edited most of the Esper Genesis Master Technician’s Guide, numerous DMsGuild products, and a variety of indie games that funded through Kickstarter, including Nowhereville by Nerdburger Games.

Community & Conventions

I am currently social media coordinator and community chair for Baldman Games, the RPG Director for MomoCon in Atlanta, GA, co-lead organizer for Maydays Tenday and Save vs Hunger charity convention in Knoxville, TN, and volunteer board member for the D8 Summit charity convention in Utica, IL. In addition to events, I’ve also been working to build a thriving online community via Discord and my new newsletter!

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