To Bundle or Not? The Future of DDAL Adventures

You probably missed it Tuesday when the DMsGuild newsletter went out. There was a section at the top that read, “Make sure you snag individual PDFs from Wizards of the Coast’s past Adventurers League seasons. Individual listings from past seasons will be retired in January 2023.”

DDAL Authors on Twitter were understandably upset as this affects our ability to earn royalties on the content we created where royalties are a big part of how we earn money.

HOWEVER. @DnD_AdvLeague is walking back the decision to remove individual listings for official AL content. And we also got a mea culpa for how the (lack of) notification was handled, so that’s something.

What updates do you think the DMsGuild can make to help better spotlight the various types of content? (Official AL storylines, CCC content, Dungeoncraft content, content from Premiere Organizers, and all of the other general community-created content)

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