What was that link again?

I was searching for this blog post I read somewhere that I wanted to share and talk about, but I couldn’t get my brain to supply me with the title, the blog, or even really the main point of it so that I could do a proper search. The reason I’m starting with this is that it’s a constant issue I deal with, and many others. We find something we find interesting….and then we just kind of forget about it….

In some cases, it’s legitimate memory problems. Did you know that depression can cause memory loss, forgetfulness, confusion, and trouble concentrating? https://www.healthline.com/health/depression/depression-and-memory-loss

In other cases, it’s just our busy lives that push these things to the side where they slowly fade out of recollection. Work hard, create things, be a productive member of society, socialize, get out more, network, pick up a hobby… We’ve been conditioned to keep busy in our current world, but what does that really accomplish? Are busy people more socially accepted? Perhaps. Are they happy? Who knows.

I know that I currently have a whiteboard with a list of tasks I need to do. To back that up, I’ve got additional digital sticky notes with more task lists. I have spreadsheets, I have documents outlining processes, timelines, optimal cadences for posting, and we can’t forget my trusty color-coded Google calendar that everything depends on. I am organized. I manage to keep on top of deadlines, I manage to not miss appointments (thanks calendar!), I always know when it’s time to register for the next convention, when hotel blocks open, and I know how to say no to more projects when my calendar is full. My calendar is frequently full though. Conventions, friends visiting, traveling, writing assignments, edit assignments, dates, social events, appointments. I can’t help but wonder what I’m missing by being busy. What I’m forgetting by pushing it to the side.

In a great bit of irony, I got sidetracked with responding to some correspondence on a project due now and forgot what the point of this post was going to be. But that’s life isn’t it?

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