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This newletter was originally distributed on Sep 9, 2021.

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Hello everyone and welcome!

Going to try something new here and see how you all like it. I’ll be sharing updates on what I’m working on, information about upcoming events, cool stuff from Adventurer’s League, and neat things from folks I’ve recently interviewed. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else you’d love to see as we grow and evolve this…newsletter I suppose? You can always reach me at with feedback and business requests.

September is promising to be a jam-packed month, so let’s dive into upcoming events first.

September Event Updates

Gen Con Online! 2021 – Get Tickets!The Best Four Days in Gaming are both virtual and in-person this year, and there are still plenty of games to jump into from the comfort of your home. Pants optional and all that jazz even!
D&D Celebration Sept 23rd – 26th – VIRTUAL EVENT
“Are you curious about the games that will be available for virtual play Sept 23rd – 26th for #DNDCelebration?Check it out, and have some fun with the Wild Beyond the Witchlight, plus new Ravenloft: Mist Hunters and Dreams of the Red Wizards adventures!”
Origins Online — Event Tickets Open Sunday 9/12
Origins Online is the virtual part of Origins Game Fair for tabletop gaming fans to enjoy from their devices. This online experience will feature an Exhibit Hall where attendees can demo and buy games & merchandise and some virtual programming to watch via our Twitch stream.

Adventurers League Update

Game On: Less Rules, More Play | Wizards of the Coast
Chris Tulach, Wizards D&D Organized Play posted a blog post today covering some feedback from player surveys. Highlights are as follows:Rules and Paperwork. We heard loud and clear that more rules and restrictions aren’t the way to go. Portability of characters between adventures is a big concern. Keeping the paperwork to a minimum is important. Awareness and Communication. We need to provide more news and information on Adventurers League. We need to focus on bringing in new players and Dungeon Masters. Hearing from Wizards on play is important. Connection. Wizards needs to help with connecting players and Dungeon Masters. Finding games can be challenging, especially for newer players.
Visit the D&D Discord to check out the preview of the new Player’s Guide and provide your feedback!
The official Dungeons & Dragons Discord server! News, LFG, and chat about D&D and Dark Alliance. Operated by Wizards. | 71,152 members

Projects and More Projects, Oh My!

I’ve got my plate rather full right now with exciting projects and I cannot wait to see some of these come to fruition and get into your little paws!

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters Adventure Info and Release Schedule | Wizards of the Coast
Ravenloft: Mist Hunters kicked off at the July D&D Virtual Play Weekend with the premiere of the first three adventures in its linear story arc. The adventures that follow will see the party wandering through the Domains of Dread, heading to Kartakass and Falkovnia and beyond! All adventures will premiere at Virtual Play Weekends before being released on a monthly basis to the DMs Guild.I’m super excited to be working with @JeremyForbing on the Epic adventure that caps off this alternate campaign.RMH-EP-02 by Jeremy Forbing & Ginny Loveday | DMs Guild release: August 9, 2022An Epic adventure for 8th-level characters.
The Demiverse: A Campaign Setting for 5e & Those Who Wander by Adam Hancock — Kickstarter
The Demiverse: A Campaign Setting for 5e & Those Who Wander on Kickstarter! Loosely connected demiplanes are all that’s left of a fractured multiverse.I’m putting together a demiplane for this project where you’ll find yourself transported to a land where size is relative, and things are going to get rather zany. With the amazing team on this project, I highly recommend hitting the follow button to be notified when the Kickstarter launches.
Dreams of the Red Wizards: Terminal Ambitions Adventure Info and Release Schedule | Wizards of the Coast
The Dreams of the Red Wizards storyline continues as the Terminal Ambitions arc begins! This latest arc includes play opportunities for the Masters campaign ranging from Tier 2 to Tier 4.Can’t share much on this yet, but pleased to be coming back to work on the Dreams of the Red Wizards campaign again!

Recent Guests from the Designer’s Den

Episode 37: Chris Bissette – 08/01/21
Twitter – Website
Chris and I chatted about his early work on the DMsGuild, his wildly successful Kickstarter adventure for MÖRK BORGTreasures Of The Troll King, his Kickstarter for d36, a zine of strange RPG content that doesn’t comfortably fit anywhere else, and how much of a bitch it is to feed ribbons through book spines. Plus you can enjoy our shared ADHD ramblings and constant derailment of the topics at hand.

Episode 38: Ryan Langr – 08/08/21
Twitter – Website
Ryan and I chatted about his exceedingly cool book, Cities of Myth: Atlantis Divided which is available on DriveThru RPG and is part of his Cities of Myth series. We also went through his list of impressive Kickstarters that have funded and his passion for helping others run their own successful KS. Ryan also has a number of products that you can find over at the DMsGuild.

Episode 39: Jess Pendley – 08/22/21
Twitter – Website
Jess and I chatted about how friendly the D&D creator community is and how fucking cool it is that Underground Oracle got nominated for fan publisher of the year. UO consists of Jess and Keith, and between them, they have put out a super impressive collection of 132(!) products on DriveThru RPG. You can also follow them on Patreon to get the latest from them and help decide what goes up as PWYW for the community.

Episode 40: Cameron Day – 09/05/21
Twitter – Website
Cam and I chatted about Supers and Sorcery, his 5e superhero setting. We then eventually got around to chatting about one of his recent releases, You Arrive at a Tavern along with all of the other cool stuff Cam has done. And if you wanted to know a bunch about cows, yes actual cows, you should definitely tune in to watch us geek out over our shared wealth of knowledge on this subject!

Until next time, don’t forget to take time for yourself!

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