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I’ve been organizing in one capacity or another since the launch of D&D 5e in 2014. The Southeast US Region in particular has experienced first-hand the skill that I have for organizing. I started out organizing games at Level Up Games and Hobbies in Knoxville, and then began coordinating with my soon-to-be co-Local Coordinator for Knoxville to unify the local D&D community. I became a Local Coordinator for the D&D Adventurers League organized play program in 2015 and shortly thereafter was promoted to Regional Coordinator for the Southeast region.

With my RC position, I began to methodically seek out leaders from the various communities in the Southeast to bring game stores into the organized play program and in turn, to bring more players into the game. As any of my LCs will vouch, I was on a mission to bring D&D to everyone in the region. Armed with an enormously long list of game stores, my team and I set out to make sure each and every single one of those store owners at least knew about D&D AL and how to get involved. Once we were started on the game stores, I started gathering a list of as many conventions as I could find in the Southeast region. Then, we set out to contact all of those conventions just as we had the stores. While a lot of our success was probably just due to the rising popularity of 5e at the time, I feel like we succeeded in accelerating the accessibility of the game in the Southeast.

Somewhere in the midst of all this work, I met Paige Leitman. Neither of us knew what a life-changing moment that would be for the both of us at that point. Armed with the confidence I got from meeting Paige and her partner-in-crime, Ben Heisler, I somehow got into organizing conventions, a rather logical extension of my community growth efforts. One thing lead to another, and I ended up the lead DDAL organizer for Save vs Hunger in Knoxville, TN and for MomoCon in Atlanta, GA.

Since then, I’ve lent my expertise to many fledgling con organizers and community organizers to help them make the same leaps that I did. I’ve connected countless people to resources in their communities, to people that can help them make their convention dreams into reality, or who can produce the stellar content they need to run amazing shows year after year. Organizing and growing communities and conventions has always been a passion of mine since I first stumbled on it, and it continues to be so to this very day.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from all of these experiences and want to pass on the knowledge. I’m available for consulting if you’ve got questions about how to start a D&D group at a store, how to grow an online community, how to start an event, or anything else related to that. I’ll even help you draft up your community guidelines, create communications and mailing lists, make an operating plan for you convention, whatever you need. Reach out below with your request and we can see how I can help you realize your dreams!

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