Terror in Ten-Towns

As many of you know, I had the extreme pleasure of coauthoring one of the Season 10 Adventurers League Epics with my good friend Jon Connor Self.

Connor and I poured a lot of time into research and made this as memorable of an experience as we could and I think that really shines through based on the feedback that I’ve gotten from players and DMs in the half dozen runs that I’ve been an admin for.

Today, our Epic released into the wild! You can pick it up on the DMsGuild for just $8.99

If you want to hear Connor and I chat about this Epic, you can catch the last episode of the Designer’s Den that he appeared on. We talked about it at the first half of the episode.

If you’re looking for a VTT map to run this online, I have included one below that you are free to use. (The map is 28×36 squares) Point people here, share it, have fun!

I would LOVE to hear your feedback from anyone who’s played it and if you buy it, please leave us a review on the DMsGuild as it puts a little smile on our faces.

Terror in Ten-Towns part 3 VTT map

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