Terror in Ten-Towns

As many of you know, I had the extreme pleasure of coauthoring one of the Season 10 Adventurers League Epics with my good friend Jon Connor Self. Connor and I poured a lot of time into research and made this as memorable of an experience as we could and I think that really shines throughContinue reading “Terror in Ten-Towns”

Queerness =/= Obscenity

There was a product posted to the DMsGuild fairly recently that was a rather cheeky adventure featuring a house full of gay vampires. Like, really gay. Blatantly gay. You can’t even pretend that they might be straight. Some of the artwork from this product got flagged by the moderators as “obscene” and it got pushedContinue reading “Queerness =/= Obscenity”

Quarantined? Oh no, what now?

Maybe you’re self-quarantining due to actual fears of having COVID-19 or you’ve just been given the mandate to work from home, or maybe you’re just home because your state has cancelled schools and the kids ain’t gonna watch themselves. You’ve seen the news all over the internet; conventions are cancelling left and right. Maybe you’reContinue reading “Quarantined? Oh no, what now?”