Industry Friend of the Month – November 2021

Each month, I’ll be featuring a write-up from one person, talking about themselves and what they do. If you know someone who should be featured, shoot me an email to

Andrew M. “Fish” Popowich

Founder of the Sword of Odin design firm, and Creative Lead for the GRAM Role-Playing Game. Professional DM, published author of over 40 supplements online through, and author of an even more… diverse Kindle catalog.

I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have never been able to escape the Midwest for more than a week at a time. I got my start GMing early and it stuck, leading right into game design to create enough content for what I was running (and to justify the obscene amount of worldbuilding I do in my freetime).

School quickly turned into a start in the office work/IT industry, but I didn’t give up on my creative endeavors. Instead I took the same workaholic attitude and applied it to my craft, creating a massive amount of content and through brute-force developed my design process. Then I started tilting at windmills touring conventions to promote my games, which is what I’m starting to get back to, as well as having new games getting antsy to see production.

My passion hasn’t been all wasted on raising my own voice though, but by giving more volume to many DIFFERENT voices, to open new doors to exploration. The stories I tell at my table show a multiverse full of possibilities and splitting at the seams with nuanced characters to interact with over threats to defeat. I’ve worked with players to creep behind the curtain into publication, supporting them however I can. 

Not only am I a one-person-design-studio, I’m also a freelancer! So if there is anything YOU need to be successful, from content writing to graphic design and illustration and even social media assistance, PLEASE just let me know at!

Fish and Sygfried, his Pomsky puppy

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