D&D Continues to Smash Through the Ceiling!

2020 Was the Best Year Ever for Dungeons & Dragons – Again! Global sales reach all time high, strong figures boosted by play-at-home community initiatives in 2020 Renton, WA – May 19, 2021 – Wizards of the Coast is proud to announce that 2020 was once again the most successful year for Dungeons & Dragons inContinue reading “D&D Continues to Smash Through the Ceiling!”

You’ve Got to Love Yourself First?

https://poly.land/2020/02/24/they-tell-you-to-love-yourself-first-but-support-systems-are-a-huge-advantage/ In the article I linked above, Page talks about how it’s complete bullshit that you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. I agree. On a deeply personal level, I strongly agree. I have struggled immensely with loving myself. My sense of self-worth has had some serious ebbs and flows overContinue reading “You’ve Got to Love Yourself First?”

This World, It’s Fucked Unless We ALL Start Caring

Part of my struggle with my depression is the occasional bouts of extreme angst and sadness that overtake me. Occasionally these are triggered by sad personal memories, but more often all it takes is a small reminder of the vast injustices in the world. Last month I was sitting in downtown Chicago at a nice-ishContinue reading “This World, It’s Fucked Unless We ALL Start Caring”

New Year and New Goals?

As 2019 draws to a close, I’m sure we’re all looking back and reflecting on how it’s been, and I know many of us are ready to be done with it and look forward to the future. I know personally, 2019 has been an interesting year for sure and a lot has happened in myContinue reading “New Year and New Goals?”

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